Advanced Rope Access


Advanced Rope Access is proud to partner with New Age Waterproofing

Advanced Rope Access is a Sunshine Coast Company who are both qualified for Rope Access and are specialist Waterproofers.  If your Waterproofing job is out of reach send in the professionals to get it fixed properly the first time.

Advanced Rope Access can provide Abseiling Waterproofing services across Australia, from window leak repairs to large silos, ARA has the qualifications to work on almost any workplace and hold a number or qualifications including

  • Rope Access License operators AS 4488
  • Rescue Rope Access
  • Confined Spaces AS2865-1995
  • BSA License holder 1207887
  • Photographic Building Inspections
  • Waterproofing
  • Installation of new anchor points
  • Leak detection and rectification
  • Render repairs
  • Joint sealing
  • Down pipe repairs
  • Concrete and render repairs
  • Anchor point testing
  • General repairs
  • Painting repairs
  • High rise window leak special list.

Postal Address

5 Tringa Court Kuluin

4558 QLD Australia

Simon Groth

Mobile: 0412 541 932